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Shift APPens

Shift APPens is a Hackathon organized with love by NEI/AAC (Informatics Students Nucleus from Academic Association of Coimbra) and by jeKnowledge (Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University of Coimbra’s Junior Enterprise), that brings students and workers from all over the country to the city of Coimbra.

Participants have 48 hours to create an application, defending it in a final pitch, in front of a carefully chosen jury. We aim to promote healthy competition and exchange knowledge from the tech world amongst the participants, all in a relaxed environment. We gather developers, designers, and entrepreneurs of different technological fields, from every corner of the country.

Get ready for an amazing competition with lots of entertainment and many surprises! All we need is your presence! Bring your friends or co-workers and witness one of the most fun events of the year.

Getting Real

After a very special remote edition, Shift APPens is back to its regular format and better than ever! Be ready for more fun, games and many surprises.

This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, we will take cauteous measures to ensure the safety of our participants and staff. There will be strict rules that everyone must follow to make sure the event runs as smooth as possible, without any health hazards.


1st prize

Polaroid 600 Square Instant Camera

2st prize

Consola Nintendo Switch V2 (32 GB)

3st prize

Assistente Virtual ECHO Dot 4G

Talks and Workshops


End to end tests in modern web applications

In this workshop we will give a quick introduction about modern testing practices. After that we will delve into REST API and end-to-end testing in Cypress (the standard tool for browser testing).

Oradores: Ricardo Lopes & João Dias.


Introdução ao TypeScript

Este workshop aborda os básicos de TypeScript e demonstra, com exemplos práticos, como podemos tirar melhor partido da linguagem.

Oradores: Pedro Figueiredo (convidado pela RedLight).


A day in the life of an mobile developer

What if I told you my day as mobile developer is not just coding? (pffff sometimes not coding at all) Why? we are project managers, architects, designers, QAs... and “so most more”. Choosing the right methodology, right team and right tools makes our life easier. So I will try to show what I do, from starting a feature to daily things, and what are the problems I faced between projects.

Oradores: Ricardo Silva.


What about Web3?

A round table conversation with three Software Engineers that are currently exploring blockchain applications.

Oradores: José Gomes, Gabriel Poça e José Pedro Resende.


Android Kotlin Workshop - What is? When to use? How to make? an Android Native Application

What is? When to use? How to make? an Android Native Application.

Oradores: João Hortas.


Como colaborar (eficazmente) remotamente

O teletrabalho é já o presente de cada vez mais pessoas no mundo, levando-as a enfrentarem desafios de comunicação de forma consistente. À medida que mais e mais interações acontecem digitalmente, continuaremos a experimentar novas formas de falhas de comunicação e mal-entendidos. A solução está na construção de um conjunto de competências que reflitam as exigências da nossa era digital. Acompanha-me numa breve discussão sobre uma realidade que poderá (provavelmente) ser a tua.

Oradores: Alvaro Gijón Francis.


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Where can I learn more about Shift APPens?


You can explore our website and visit our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) for more information! If you still have any personal questions or doubts that you wish to ask us, you can send an email to shiftappens@gmail.com.

How is it going to be?


This year, we are going back to our regular format. Shift APPens will be held in a physical space. You have 48 hours to create an application, trade knowledge, get to know some companies’s work and participate in all of the challenges prepared for you! Bring your team to this relaxed competition and challenge yourself to work against the clock, while learning some hard and soft skills.

Who can participate?


Any student, professional or enthusiast can be part of it! You can team up with your closest friends, your family, your co-workers, someone who’s willing to put their heart and soul into this adventure!


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